Early Childhood Consultation & Outreach

    Early Childhood Consultation & Outreach services (formerly called "Mental Health Consultation") offered through the CCC are available to child care centers, preschool teachers & staff and to elementary school teachers in Washington County, Maine. Child care providers, schools and/or families can request services. This service is provided free of charge.

    What is Early Childhood Consultation?

    • Consultation by a mental health or early childhood specialist to a child care provider, school personnel and/or family.
    • A consultant assesses the environment and helps develop plans to improve outcomes for all students or an individual child, including those with behavioral or developmental challenges.
    • The service focuses on skill building for staff and families to accommodate the child and to effectively help the child develop coping and regulatory skills.
    • It is a partnership between the consultant and the family and child care staff or teaching staff.
    • Early Childhood Consultation is not direct therapy, or a substitute for it.

    How Can Early Childhood Consultation be Used?

    • Consultation can be utilized for challenges facing a particular child or group of children due to regulatory issues or other issues affecting behavior and development.
    • Consultation can also be utilized for general program concerns that impact staff, children and/or families.
    • Training is also offered to help providers gain new skills and knowledge about best practices in their field.

    Referrals for an individual child depend on written consent and involvement of the parent(s) or primary caregiver.  Download a consent form at the bottom of this page and mail to Chris Rudd at PO Box 376, Machias, ME 04654.

    When to Request Early Childhood Consultation Services:

    Families may request services for their child(ren) who:

    • Have on-going difficulty transitioning from home to child care/school or from child care/school to home.
    • Have difficulty following rules or getting along with other children and/or have difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviors in environments with other children.

    Child care providers and teachers may request services for children when they: 

    • Feel unable to meet the needs of a child.
    • Have difficulty managing a specific group of children.
    • Are challenged by transition times (i.e. changes from one activity to another).
    • Are challenged by a particular child’s behavior.

    To find out more about Early Childhood Consultation or to request services, contact:

    Chris Rudd
    office: 207-255-6722
    mobile: 207-214-7124
    fax: 207-255-3856
    PO Box 376
    Machias, ME 04654 


    Julie Redding
    mobile: 207-214-8434
    Office: 207-454-4117
    fax: 207-952-9182
    225 Shattuck Road
    Calais, ME 04619


    • Click here to download an Early Childhood Consultation Referral Form in MS Word
    • Click here to download an Early Childhood Consultation Referral Form in PDF
    • Click here to download an Early Childhood Consultation Consent Form in PDF