More Resources

On this page you will find resources that don’t fit under our 5 major categories listed on the sidebar to the right, such as resources for elders to thrive in place.  Some of these will eventually have their own websites independent of the Community Caring Collaborative.

Thriving in Place

Resources for Dementia & Brain Health

Caregiving & Care Transitions

Resources for Seniors

  • Plan your Life Span – Northwestern University online tool to help seniors start thinking about issues they may likely face in the last years of life and prepare
  • Mourning A Parent or Spouse’s Death – National Institute of Mental Health, Aging
  • NIH Senior Health – National Institutes of Health webpage on “Falls and Older Adults”
  • Maine Senior Guide – a comprehensive search engine of resources on home support, health & wellness, estate management and more.

Resources on Poverty & Elders

Resource Guides