The Community Caring Collaborative and its partners are in the process of designing a Mentor/Neighbor Program. After several years of consideration, the concept was explored deeply at the 2015 CCC Visioning Day, a time for partners to dream of new programs that will improve outcomes and positively change futures for residents of Washington County.

Currently under development, we imagine mentor/friends as volunteers who will help create effective supports for an individual community member and will work to grow a meaningful relationship that results in increased hope and improved outcomes.

The Mentor/Neighbor Program will serve a specific role of expanding the capacity of programs by developing helping relationships with community members. They will engage in ways that increase mastery and allow people to achieve their personal goals or address an issue that historically has been a barrier. For example, every parent participating in Family Futures Downeast will be paired with a community mentor. Other pairings might match mentor/friends with elders or youth.

The Mentor/Neighbor Program will recruit volunteers with a wide range of interests and capabilities that they wish to share with others, and match them with community members. The length and scope of their commitment will be established in an agreement signed by the mentor/friend and the community member requesting the service.

All volunteers will receive basic Mentoring Training (12 Hours) which will include: mandated reporting, confidentiality, strength-based interactions, impact of poverty, impact of trauma, and crisis intervention. Additional training will be offered to increase expertise and provide support to the mentor/friends as needed or requested.

Please return to this page or contact CCC staff to learn more about the development of this program or to get involved.