CCC Core Groups

Much of the work of the collaborative is carried out in the regular meetings of our core groups. These groups bring together professionals and volunteers at every level of service and program provision: front line workers, program managers, executive directors, elected officials, and state agency leaders. At regular meetings, members of each group share resources, brainstorm solutions to problems, imagine and strive for better outcomes, and craft necessary agreements, policies, or trainings.

  • The Work Group consists of family members and direct service workers, and meets monthly to improve communication and to ensure that the CCC is effective in helping to change outcomes for those it serves.
  • The CCC Council (C4) comprises directors of partner agencies and programs. It represents a multi-sector partnership committed to aligning efforts to improve outcomes and to strengthening and expanding systems of care in Washington County.
  • State Agency Partners (SAP) comprises state agency program directors, and works to remove barriers and change policy at the state level to increase the CCC’s effectiveness and promote its model of collaboration and programs.