CCC Core Groups

Much of the work of the collaborative is carried out in the regular meetings of our core groups. These groups bring together professionals and volunteers at different levels of service and program provisions: front line workers, program managers, executive directors, elected officials, and community members. At regular meetings, members of each group share resources, brainstorm solutions to problems, imagine and strive for better outcomes, and craft necessary agreements, policies, or trainings.

  • CCC Work Group consists of direct service workers, volunteers and agency admins who come together to share resources, support each other and brainstorm solutions to community needs, ensuring that the CCC is effective in helping to change outcomes for those it serves. Parents, volunteers and other community members are welcome.  This group meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month from 1-2:30 pm, usually on Zoom and is open to the public.  Contact CCC Communication & Event Coordinator, Christy to join this group.
  • CCC Council (C4) comprises directors of partner agencies and programs. It represents a multi-sector partnership committed to aligning efforts to improve outcomes and to strengthening and expanding systems of care in Washington County.  This is a private group.  Contact CCC Director, Charley Martin-Berry, to join this group.
  • CCC Neighbor Group is a group of low-income community members who support each other through sharing resources, organizing guest speakers, and organizing to inform the work of the collaborative.  This is a private group.  Contact Charley Martin-Berry to join this group.
  • TCI Resource Partner Group advances the mission of the Connection Initiative through resource sharing, strengthening knowledge, skills, and collaboration across organizations, and enhancing the accessibility, utilization, and effectiveness of the online platform that serves as the hub for resource connections.  Membership is open to service providers and community members.  Dante Zanoni, TCI’s Program Manager, is the contact for this group.
  • TCI Strategic Guidance Committee supports the strategic direction, positive impact, and long-term sustainability of the Connection Initiative. Committee members work in a supportive role with the program manager to advance the program based on mission, values, capacity, and community-identified needs. This is a closed membership, multi-stakeholder group structured to support consistent decision making approaches by up to ten members working in understood roles.  Dante Zanoni is the contact for this group.