Hope Fund

A core program of the CCC, the Hope Fund provides one-time financial assistance for expenses that threaten a family’s ability to care for their children, ages 0 – 8 and are not covered through other sources.

The Hope Fund is designed to be one part of an overall plan of services or supports for families. Staff providers from CCC partner agencies, who know a family’s needs and goals best, submit applications to addresses a barrier that is jeopardizing family well-being. The fund simultaneously strengthens the safety net for families and expands the resources available to providers. A cross-agency committee reviews applications weekly, and turnaround time for funding is fast.

The Hope Fund considers applications in areas relating to: housing, transportation, medical, mental health or dental needs, employment, and education. Emergency or other needs may also be considered when there is no other resource available. The Hope Fund does not fund ongoing expenses such as food, fuel, or monthly rent. Hope Fund awards reach approximately 75 Washington County families annually, with each award immediately impacting an average of four people. Most awards are for assistance with transportation (68%) and housing (26%). Smaller amounts go to education, work, medical, and other needs.

The Hope Fund gratefully accepts donations and makes certain that 100% of those funds directly reach vulnerable families.

If you would like to make a donation to the Hope Fund, please click here.

Application process:  

Any provider in a CCC partner agency who is working with a family in an overall plan for removing barriers can submit an application for their client/families by following these guidelines:

  • Providers download the Hope Fund Application and the check list for garages if the request involves auto repair
  • Complete the household budget on page 5 of the application if the request is for a down payment, security deposit or is part of a financial undertaking that will involve the family making ongoing payments
  • Please complete the combined funding budget on page 4 of the application for requests that combine Hope Fund support with other funding sources.
  • Fill out the application together with the family
  • Gather and include additional documentation such as a quote for repairs, prior to submitting application
  • Fax the completed application and additional documentation to the CCC office in Machias at: 207-835-4500.

The Hope Fund year is divided into 3 segments with funds allocated evenly for each trimester.  The Hope fund review committee meets weekly to review applications until funds are depleted for the trimester.  When funds are depleted, the committee will stop accepting applications until the beginning of the next trimester.  Providers  – not the family applying for funds  – please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are very happy to be working with you in supporting families in Washington County and have developed a list of Hope Fund FAQs you may want to consult for further help.

Share this news with everyone in your workplace who is directly serving families with children (zero to eight years old) who may need one-time financial assistance through the Hope Fund!