Early Childhood – ECCO

Early Childhood Consultation and Outreach (ECCO) is a program that provides services of an early childhood expert to educators, child care staff and parents in order to develop effective strengths-based strategies and plans that support children’s success across environments. ECCO consultants work with child care providers, Head Start centers, pre-schools, early elementary classrooms, and in homes with parents and foster parents. Services can be utilized for one child or for groups of children. ECCO responds to the unmet needs of at-risk children and changes outcomes for children in Washington County and beyond.  The CCC is pleased to have two highly skilled and experienced ECCO providers:

  • ECCO director, Julie Redding, LCPC, provides consultation in the northern half of Washington County
  • Elin MacKinnon, LCSW, provides consultation in the southern half

ECCO provides:

  • Expert early childhood consultants who identify and highlight skills and natural strengths of all individuals involved including the child, parent, and all providers.
  • A strengths-based foundation for strategies that is collaboratively developed to change outcomes for a single child or a group of children.
  • Parent/provider skill building through coaching, modeling, and/or providing trainings.
  • Ongoing support to all participants to ensure that children are successful.
  • Based on the Georgetown University best-practice model of Mental Health Consultation, ECCO effectively helps children achieve new goals.
  • ECCO Offers training to groups of providers or parents on its areas of expertise.

ECCO’s Impact:

  • Adults who feel unable to meet the needs of a child or need support with difficult transitions for a child or children gain new insights, strategies an skills.
  • Families who experience difficulties when trying to set limits, boundaries, or create routines with their child or children become more effective and positive.
  • Individuals who find that children in their care struggle with too much energy, impulsivity, difficulty following rules, or effectively communicating their needs or wants gain improved outcomes.
  • Adults wishing to increase their understanding and skills in responding to typical and atypical child development (social, emotional, cognitive, motor, sensory, etc.) become more effective.
  • Teachers or child care providers who are challenged by a child’s behavior that is affecting other children and keeping the child from being successful in their learning environment report improvements that change the classroom environment.

Referrals to ECCO:

  • Any professional working closely with children including: childcare providers, classroom teachers or principals, case workers, or others can make an ECCO referral.
  • Parents can self-refer.

To make a referral or self-refer, you can use the form below, you can contact Julie Redding, LCPC, (207) 214-8434 or you can email us.  If you are referring a single child and are not the parent or legal guardian, you must first obtain consent.  Download the ECCO Consent Form.