Services & Programs

The Community Caring Collaborative is an organization that convenes and supports partners in creating programs that are effective and collective. Ideas come directly from partners and community members to ensure that programs contribute to a strong continuum of services and supports and reflect sharing resources whenever possible.

The CCC holds an annual Visioning Day during which partners are invited to dream solutions and imagine strategies for barrier removal, creating responsive supports, and changing outcomes for community members. The CCC then actualizes envisioned ideas into functional programs.

From ideas imagined at Visioning Day, and through other similar collaborative processes, the CCC supports 1-3 innovative new projects or strategic partnerships annually. Programs are supported by the CCC until they are sustainable as stand- alone entities or appropriately placed in partner agencies. This incubation process can take anywhere from a few months to multiple years. Some programs become part of the CCC core.

Core Programs

  • Hope Fund
  • Dream Fund
  • Technical Assistance
  • Training

Developing Programs

  • The Connection Initiative
  • Recovery & Employment
  • Thriving in Place

Incubated Programs

  • Bridging
  • Family Futures Downeast
  • Early Childhood- ECCO (as ECCP®)