C4 Membership Survey

The CCC Council (C4) brings CEOs, directors, and managers of major programs together monthly to support connection and collaboration across agencies.  Membership for C4 is by invitation with the ask that members do not send a designee from their agency to attend if they have to miss a meeting.  The idea is that consistent participation of individual leaders helps build trust and transparency needed for strong relationships and authentic collaboration.

While C4 does function like an advisory board to the CCC, it is not a board of directors.  There are no bi-laws and no nominations, elections, or term limits of members.  Typically, Charley shares the name of a prospective member with the current group for approval and invites the new member to attend the following month.  Members are encouraged to share concerns or potential conflicts about bringing on a new member either publicly in the meeting or privately afterwards.  We’d appreciate your input for improving the invitation and membership process for C4.