Childcare Provider Survey

Thank you for participating in this de-identified survey about your experiences as a childcare provider.  As you are well aware, the new administration has a particular focus on improving the early learning and childcare system in Maine.  The CCC has been invited to travel with members of the state including Todd Landry, Director of the Office of Child and Family Services, to Aspen at the end of August. We will be one of 6 state teams working on reconceptualizing early childhood health.

I have heard from you all, in particular, about some of the challenges you face.  We have a unique opportunity to directly impact decisions that will ultimately be made regarding the future of childcare in Maine.  I personally want to make sure that the voices of childcare providers themselves are heard and can inform the new direction. YOU have the opportunity to be heard, and I want to make sure I have the most accurate information possible.

By completing the short, 10-question survey below, you also have an opportunity to win a $50 amazon gift card.

Thank you in advance for all you do for our children every day, and for your participation in this survey.
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