Jingle Bell Request Form

We love bells, especially jingle bells, at the CCC.  They remind us to laugh and conjure up pictures of Santa riding through the snow on his way to spread a little joy, “jingling all the way.”  We have a tradition, starting with our founding director, Marjorie Withers, of hand-stringing colorful bells on ribbons and giving them out to all our partners at meetings right before the winter holidays to make every meeting merrier. This year is a little different — we’re meeting over Zoom.  But carrying on traditions, especially those that bring people joy, is very important to the CCC.  We’re still making jingle bell necklaces and sending them to all our partner agencies to wear during Zoom meetings, but not all our partners work at agencies.  So we created this form to find out where to send jingle bells to people working or volunteering outside an agency so nobody is left out. If you’d like to celebrate the holidays with a CCC jingle bell necklace made especially for you, please fill out this form and press the “submit” button.