Downeast Family Garden Helper

Thanks for your offer! We are so grateful that you’d like to help us grow 50 Downeast Family Gardens.  This project blossomed rather suddenly, and is a work in progress. 

We have some ideas of what we will need and ways you could help, but as you know – it may prove especially challenging to share resources and supplies during this Covid-19 pandemic when safe distancing and universal precautions are critical.  

We are still soliciting ideas and support from friends and neighbors, and as the days move on, we will follow public health guidelines and do what we can at that time.

Some things we expect we may need help with are:

  • Some sources of a soil mix that can be used in a container garden.
  • Containers for families that don’t have resources for them. 
  • Some basic garden tools for families in need.

If you can help with one of these these or have other ideas for how to help, please answer the questions below.  Or if you’d prefer to make a cash donation, you can do that here.  Thank you!

Questions? Email Elin MacKinnon at